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About Me

I am a graduate of Davidson College, a U.S. Army veteran, and I have been a musician since age 14. I joined the Piano Technician Guild in 2004, found a mentor in Charlotte, NC, and began an informal apprentice program that lasted more than five years. In 2007, I completed all the written, technical and aural exams to attain the status of Registered Piano Technician. 

I regularly attend monthly and yearly training events, and I assist other technicians in upgrading their skills as well. My association with technicians from all over the country has had a major impact on my professional development. I am constantly exposed to new ideas, I continue to improve my techniques, and I never stop learning. This enthusiasm, passion and skill is what I bring to your piano. 

To schedule your piano for service, please call, email or text me. 

Enjoy life, play more music, and stay tuned,

John Parham

I look forward to meeting you and your piano.